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I paint and sketch because I live art. Look, see, observe, smell, taste, feel. Art is what we are. It's actually an extension of ourselves which God himself gave to us at birth. It gives me rare kind of spiritual experience. I just forget my frustrations, stress and other difficulties.

I love the progress. I love watching forms emerge, the thrill of it all coming together at the end, as though magically all seem to fall in place. I love to see what unfolds under my paint brush. I can't think of anything more satisfying than the creation of something out of nothing.

I have been drawing all my life. I’ve been drawing since I could hold anything. In my early primary years, most of my notebooks turned up into sketch books with drawings all over. I remember being scolded for that most of the time.

My passion continued. Art class was the most interesting where I could show off my art. I had always been a keen observer and would spend hours in front of a leaf or a twig, and get it to paper. My primary art teacher took keen interest and got me enrolled in whatever drawing or painting competition happened in our small town.

During my middle years and senior years, I continued with my drawings but in India, Art or drawing is never taken serious. It just remains as a hobby and you are required to do better and more serious things. An Art competition event was usually once a year. I would purchase books which would teach me how to improve my work.

I discovered calligraphy in my senior years. I taught myself to write in different artistic styles. Getting a good calligraphic art set was next to impossible. I would buy a cheap fountain pen and chip out the tip, smoothen it on a soft stone and get it to work. During my time, Names on diplomas & certificates were actually handwritten calligraphic writing. I soon became popular in my college and taught many of my friends to write calligraphy.

Girish Sadhnani
Girish P.Sadhnani
After my graduation in 1990, I came to Jakarta. There was a long period of inactivity in my art. It was as if I had given up on art. I would meet some of my old friends who remembered me only for my art. They would show me sketches which I made for them. This all made me feel the urge to get into it all once again.

I restarted painting again in 2011. It has been a little over a year now. I feel bad for having left my art for so long, but I am happy that art did not leave me. With every painting I complete, it has a new thing to teach me.

Please visit this site from time to time to see new additions of my work. You are welcome to explore my artwork and paintings in the Galleries section. I would be glad to get any feedback regarding my art. Please use the Contact page to do that.
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